November 2016 News

By Gemma Davies,







News Letter November 2016


Dear Parents/Carers,

The Autumn term has started very well again this year. We have much to celebrate and much to look forward to. The Year 7 students have settled in incredibly well and the future of St Edmund’s looks very bright indeed.

My sincerest thanks go to all of you for sending your children to school so well prepared for the new academic year. It has made the start to the year that much more productive.

The school achieved its best GCSE results again this year, showing that the students rose to the challenge set for them by the teachers. We asked them to break records and that is exactly what they did. The results they achieved placed the school in the top 20 non-grammar schools in Kent and again placed us at the top of all non-selective schools in Dover, Deal, Sandwich and Folkestone.

We are now a fully-fledged member of the Kent Catholic Schools’ Partnership and have already begun to feel the benefits of this membership. We have a new School Improvement Advisor who is already showing signs of providing a high level of challenge to the school leadership. We have also had a number of training courses covering a variety of topics from the future of education through to better marketing of our school.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the four exceptional candidates who applied to be our Head Prefects. Ellie Hopper and Jintil Baby become our Head Girl and Head Boy respectively, while Dayna Tye and Ireneusz Kazmierczak were appointed as Deputy Head Girl and Deputy Head Boy. They will be instrumental in shaping the future of student leadership at St Edmund’s. We have very high expectation of them and wish them every success in their posts.

We are extremely pleased to have launched our new website and twitter account. We hope that this will allow you to find the information you require more easily and keep you abreast of all the developments and news at St Edmund’s. A number of pages are still being developed and we ask that if you have any comments or suggestions for content that would help you, please contact the front office on

Success is our focus this year and we hope that our interactions with all students and parents show this. We feel that students need to expect success in their lives by having aspirations, goals and dreams; they need to create success in their lives by taking the opportunities available to them; and they need to celebrate their success as well as the success of those around them.

The school is working hard to provide opportunities in the school’s four pillars:
 – Academics
 – Service and Faith
 – Sport
 – Culture
We have asked that each student sets themselves a target in each of these areas and aims to achieve success in at least one of the pillars.

Another very big focus for us this year is attendance. We need to ensure that students attend school at all times. It
is only if they are very unwell that they should miss out on their education. It is no surprise that excellent
attendance makes a very big difference to the academic progress of students.

These goals will only be realised if all staff, students and parents/carers work together to make them a reality and
I know I can count on your continued support to drive these improvements.

Thank you all for everything you continue to do to make St Edmund’s succeed.

Mr M Wilson – Headteacher

School Attendance

There will be occasions when your child will not be able to attend school, due to illness, unavoidable medical
appointments or a sudden family crisis. It is important to contact the school before 8.30am of each absence. You
are able to contact the school either by telephone and leaving a message or via email.

Uniform Expectations

The following is a summary of the approved clothing for the academic year 2016-17. Please refer to the more
detailed uniform information document for full details.

Light blue school shirt
St Edmund’s School Tie
Navy blue school blazer
with school crest
Navy blue school jumper
with school crest
Boys – Plain black school trousers
Girls – Pleated
school skirt with school crest
Girls – Plain navy
school trousers, no skinny trousers, leggings or jeans
Plain black leather school shoes (no trainers, logos, lines, colours or canvas) For more information please see
Navy or black socks, or black tights

Outdoor coats must be plain black or navy blue – no logos or patterns. Military style coats, badges, jeans, denims,
sports and T-shirts are not allowed. Fabric “hoodies” are inappropriate as school coats as they are not water-proof,
and are not permitted in any colour. Trainers are for use in PE /Dance only and should not be worn at any other

PE Kit – The school PE kit is unisex. The following items are compulsory and come pre-printed with the school crest;
polo shirt, shorts and socks. A long sleeved shirt, tracksuit bottoms, base layer and a rain jacket are also available
but are optional. Trainers are for use in PE /Dance only and should not be worn at any other time.

School Bags -These must be large enough to hold books, folders and, when applicable, PE uniform, they must be
black or navy with no large prominent logos. Handbags are not appropriate for this and so are prohibited from

Jewellery and Make-up – Jewellery – One pair of small (no more than 4mm in diameter) metallic studs on the
ear lobes only (one in each ear). Any other piercing is not allowed. Other jewellery MUST NOT be worn with
the exception of a wrist watch. Make-up MUST NOT be worn including fake tan, nail varnish and
embellishments/extensions. False eyelashes are not permitted. Jewellery –Please see the school discipline and
behaviour policy for more information.

Hair – Extreme/fashion hairstyles are not allowed. Hair must be of a suitable length, off the eyes and collar for
boys and no shorter than a no.3 – it should be not be long. Students must not dye their hair. No fashion haircuts
and no hair extensions. Students must not have fashion lines cut into their hair.

Correct Equipment – Pens, pencils, ruler, eraser, calculator, pencil case and this diary. The correct exercise and text
books for each lesson. The extra equipment needed for Technology, PE, etc.

Term Dates

                                                   Term 2 : Monday 31st October 2016 – Tuesday 20th December 2016
Monday 31st October 2016                                  First day of Term 2
Friday 16th December 2016                                 Last Day of Term 2
Monday 19th December 2016                                 INSET DAY 3
Tuesday 20th December 2016                                 INSET DAY 4
                                                   Term 3 : Tuesday 3rd January – Friday 10th February 2017
Tuesday 3rd January 2017                                   First day of Term 3
Friday 10th February 2017                                   Last day of Term 3
                                                   Term 4 : Monday 20th February – Friday 31st March 2017
Monday 20th February 2017                               First day of Term 4
Friday 31st March 2017                                        Last day of Term 4
                                                   Term 5: Tuesday 18th April – Friday 26th May 2017
Tuesday 18th April 2017                                              INSET DAY 5 (no attendance for students)
Wednesday 19th April 2017                                 First day of Term 5
Friday 26th May 2017                                           Last day of Term 5
                                                  Term 6 : Monday 5th June – Friday 21st July 2017
Monday 5th June 2017                                         First day of Term 6
Friday 21st July 2017                                            Last day of Term 6

Charlie Brisley – Year 10

Well done to Charlie Brisley who ran in the UK under 15 3000m championships on              
Saturday 27th August 2016 coming 4th in a time of 9 minutes 16 seconds. Charlie
is ranked 6th in the country and a real prospect for the future. Charlie also came
2nd in the South of England 1500m championships at Ashford earlier that month
in a pb 4 minutes 17 seconds. Charlie is looking forward to the cross country season
where he will compete in several races hoping to make the county team for the
English schools championship.

Yu-Gi-Oh and Games Club

We have had several new members join Yu-Gi-Oh Club from Year 7 but there are still more spaces available. If
anyone would like to join, please see Mrs Clarke for a letter for the after school club or just come along to the
lunch time game club. There are lots of different board games at the lunch time games club in Room 21 on
Tuesdays and Thursdays with our new members are enjoying battling each other at chess.

Gardening Club

The Garden Club are very pleased to announce that St Edmund’s Garden Club has been awarded the Level 2
Achievement Award for the Campaign for School Gardens from the Royal Horticultural Society. This was completed
over last year, the students had to prove that they could plan the garden plots, grow plants from seed then
transplant them into plots and water and care for the plants and harvest crops at the end of the season. The
students ranged from Year 7-11.

The students were very happy to have been awarded for their efforts, hard work and commitment. They are
justly proud that the certificate has been displayed in the school reception area. In addition, the students will be
awarded extra House Points.

Well Done to all the gardeners involved. Mrs Clark

Year 12 Business Studies 

Our Year 12 Business Studies students recently visited Megger and Rippledown
to collect research for their assignment work.

Business Club is running Thursdays afterschool in TE5 and is available to all
interested in finding out more about Business and subject students needing extra time or guidance with their learning and work.


                    We will be performing the School Production of High School Musical on the
                                                    1st February to 4th February 2017.
   If any parent/carers are able to assist with costumes this would be greatly appreciated. Please contact Mrs Connolly for more details.

Christmas Card Competition                                                                   

We are running a Christmas Card competition for all pupils, pupils’ families and members of
staff. The successful entry will be used as the official Christmas Card for St Edmund’s and will
therefore represent our School.

 – Designs must be original
 – Designs should be of a religious nature
 – Maximum size should be A4 on a single sheet of paper and a minimum size of A5
 – Any media may be used (pencil, paint, collage or a computer aided design etc) – please bear in mind that
        the artwork will need to lend itself to successful photocopying for distribution in A5 format
 – Entries should have your name and contact details attached, together with the name of your child and
         year group within the school in the case of a family member’s entry
 – Entries should be submitted to Ms Walmesley, Head of Art and Photography at St Edmund’s Catholic
        School by no later than Thursday 24th November 2016

We look forward to receiving your artwork!

Show My Homework Clinic    
Fridays 2:45-3:15pm in BEC 4

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Wednesdays 2:45-3:30pm in BEC 4

Student wins bronze medal.

By Gemma Davies,

Charlie Brisley Year 9

Congratulations Charlie for winning the bronze medal at the Kent County Championships!



Year 10 Work Experience 2017

By Gemma Davies,

Year 10 Work Experience – Monday 26th June – Friday 30th June 2017.  Work Experience parent information evening Thursday 15th September in the school hall from 6.00pm – 6.30pm.