St Edmund’s Catholic School

Local Governing Body

Every school needs governors. St Edmund’s is no exception.

What do the governors do?

They ensure that

  • The school has a clear vision for the future and is well-led
  • The school is able to provide the best education it can for its students
  • The school is fully-staffed with good teachers and support staff
  • Students and staff get the resources they need
  • Students and staff are safe and cared-for
  • Public money allocated to the school is well-spent
How do governors fulfil their responsibilities?

By meeting regularly, as a full local governing body or in committees (we have two main committees: Resources and Standards) so that we have oversight of all that the school does. Our job is to be strategic…setting the long-term aims and ensuring the school has what it needs to fulfil those aims. We need to know our school really well! We also need to be up-to-speed on what’s happening in education nationally and what may be coming in the future.

How many governors are there and how are they appointed?

There are 12 of us; 7 are appointed by the diocese (called foundation governors), 2 by the parents, 1 by the staff, 1 to represent local community interests, and the head teacher is a governor, too! Each year the governors elect a Chair and Vice-Chair. Governors are volunteers and serve for 4 years.

Who are the governors?

Foundation governors: John Philpott (Chair), Josephine Lewis (Vice-Chair), Fr Stephen Bould, Patti Earl, Jack Devine, Mary Anthony, John McCann

Parent governors: Jane Askew, Caroline Grimes

Staff governor: Gemma Burt-Davies

Community governor: Anne McNulty

Our Headteacher, Mike Wilson, is a governor and our clerk is Linda Dykes.

St Edmund’s is an academy

We’re part of the Kent Catholic Schools’ Partnership: 22 of Kent’s Catholic schools belong and others are soon to join. Our governing body is a committee of the KCSP Trust Board, whose policy is to make decisions at a local level wherever possible, so we’re called a Local Governing Body.

How often do the governors meet?

The full local governing body meets at least 4 times a year and in addition our two main committees meet at least 3 times a year, but we meet more often if we need to.

How do I contact the governors?

You can write to Linda Dykes, clerk to the governors, at the school address or e-mail the Chair of Governors, John Philpott, at