Religious Studies

Welcome to Religious Studies!  Religious Education is at the heart of the curriculum at St Edmund’s Catholic School. The Department consists of four specialist teachers.  Our RE curriculum fulfils the needs of the Curriculum Directory.  Our aim is to produce religiously literate and engaged young people who have the knowledge, understanding and skills appropriate to their age, to reflect spiritually, think ethically and theologically and who are aware of the demands of religious commitment in everyday life.  In addition to learning key Roman Catholic beliefs and practises, students are encouraged to share and cultivate their own experiences in faith.  Religious education allows students to ask thought-provoking questions in an environment that inspires tolerance and understanding of differences.  Furthermore, religiously literate children and young people are able to engage in a fully informed critique of all knowledge, “leading, for example, to an understanding of the relationship between science and religion or history, and between theology, sport and the human body.” (Religious Education Curriculum Directory p4).


Our Curriculum

At Key Stage 3, the Department uses ‘The Way, The Truth and The Life’ programme and other resources as a guide to ensure that all criteria from the Curriculum Directory are met.  The modules of study are:

  Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
Term 1 St Edmund’s Catholic School Believing in God Rights and Responsibilities
Term 2 Creation The Sacraments Religion and Community Cohesion
Term 3 Covenant The Gospels Matters of Life and Death
Term 4 The Paschal Mystery Environmental Issues Islam
Term 5 The Church Marriage and the Family Peace and Conflict
Term 6 Hinduism Judaism Crime and Punishment


At Key Stage 4 students complete the new AQA GCSE Religious Studies B course, completing the following modules:

  Year 10 Year 11
Component Catholic Christianity Perspectives on Faith
Term 1 Creation Judaism: Beliefs and Teachings
Term 2 Incarnation Judaism: Practices
Term 3 The Triune God Religion, Relationships and Families
Term 4 Redemption Religion, Peace and Conflict
Term 5 Church Revision
Term 6 Eschatology


Enrichment and Extra-Curricular Activities

The Department has a flourishing Lay Chaplaincy team including our two Lay Chaplains, other members of staff and our Youth Ethos Team and Prayer group.  Our Youth Prayer group meets every week on a Wednesday for a student-led ecumenical service.  Members of the Youth Ethos Team and Sixth Form gather every Friday lunchtime to make sandwiches and other treats to be given out at the local soup kitchen in Dover.  All produce is supplied by Morrisons Supermarket, who we work closely with.

We also have an annual retreat programme which allows students to step away from the busyness of everyday life and reflect on their journey through their time at St Edmund’s Catholic School.  The programme consists of a Year 7 day retreat at Aylesford Priory, the heart of our diocese and Year 7-11 residential retreats at the St Vincent’s Centre in Whitstable facilitated by the Southwark Catholic Youth Service.


Key Contacts

Subject Leader:

Mr James Jukes:       jjukes@st-edmunds-dover.kent,