In line with the requirements of the 1993 Education Act regulations for meeting the Special Educational Needs of children in mainstream schools, St Edmund’s will follow the Code of Practice on the identification and assessment of special educational needs which became law on 1st September 2001 and superseded the original Code of Practice from the 1993 Education Act. This Code of Practice is under review by the Government.

The Code of Practice for the identification of special needs is in 3 Stages – School Action, School Action Plus and Statement, and these will be followed by the School’s Special Needs Co-ordinator (SEN), the pupil, parents and staff in agreeing provision to meet identified needs.  Regular reviews will be held to assess progress and to set targets for further development.

In Year 6 the students are invited into school to assess the student’s ability. Also contact is made with all Primary Schools to ensure any relevant information is gathered to support a smooth transition into Secondary School.

On admission to Year 7 those pupils designated as having Special Needs are given in-class support from Teaching Assistants who are allocated to the different teaching sets by the SEN Co-ordinator.

Overall responsibility for the School’s SEN Policy rests with the Headteacher, and it is he who will, if it is deemed necessary, call upon specialist advice from outside the school to inform the school’s strategies to meet the child’s special educational needs.

In the 2013/2014 academic year there are 8 pupils with Statements of Special Educational Needs.

Please contact Amanda Jewell (Head of SENCO)